The Grundys

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The Grundys

The Grundy?s : Chapter 1

His mother warned him when he decided to take up teaching. ? Tony it is possible that you may turn out to be a good /teacher/">teacher but you are such a horny bastard that you should not be allowed around young girls. You must learn to keep your pants zipped up or you will end up in prison like your dad.?

Tony just laughed at her because the thought of all those horny young teenagers was the reason he was going into teaching. To him the thought of all those young girls just aching to seduce their handsome young teacher was the biggest motivator that any young man could have. His dad had been unlucky and got caught.

Three years later Tony passed out of teaching college with honours in all aspects of the course. He was young fit, good looking, and he could when he wished charm the birds off a tree. Doing teaching practice he behaved himself impeccably and resisted temptation, he knew full well that his behaviour was under close scrutiny..

Then one September morning three and a half years later he found himself walking through the gates of Hazlehurst Grammar school having just been appointed the schools first specialist IT teacher. The school was a mixed school, although boys and girls were kept segregated for tuition in different classes except for certain extra mural activities, but teachers taught across both sections of the school when required.

Before the school started for the new school year there was a parent/teachers open day to show parents the new computer lab and to introduce new teachers to the parents. Although all the staff were present and able to talk to parents. It was a lovely summer evening and the school laid on refreshments on an adjacent playing field to the main building. So that parents could walk around the school Tony was me busy showing the parents the new computer lab and running demonstrations for them as he was inundated with questions from curious parents. He learned that many parents had complained for some time about the lack of specialist Information Technology teaching in the school. Now they were extremely pleased that at last the school had been able to find the funds to recruit a specialist teacher.

That was the evening that Tony first met the Grundig family. They left a lasting impression on him that evening as it was not often one came across such a glamorous family. The very glamorous Mrs. Elsie Grundig who explained to Tony that she was a young widow, introduced her two charming and also very glamorous teenage step daughters Joan and white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie Karen, plus a sexy looking red headed cousin Katie Grundig who was also sixteen. Katie went to another school near her home but lived some miles distant, and she was quite vocal and dismissive of her own schools facilities, which she told him did not compare in the least with Hazlehurst Grammar. Although Tony could not help noticing that the way she was eying his groin that perhaps in her mind, she was including him as part of the facilities.

The family had buttonholed him in the laboratory just as the evening was coming to a close, and he was not under so much pressure from a queue of waiting parents. They fetched him a coffee and they all sat round the centre table while they bombarded him with questions that became increasingly more personal as time went on Elsie Grundy asked. ?Is your wife interested in computing??
Tony laughed at the obvious fishing for personal information, and said with a laugh
?I am sorry to disappoint you but I do not have a wife, nor do I have a girlfriend yet!.?
Katie Grundig interrupted blushing slightly and said ?Oh Auntie Elsie don?t be so bloody obvious.?
Bur Elsie Grundig said. ?Well I have two attractive step daughters to marry off and so I have to look at every single eligible man as a potential son - in - law. Then Elsie apologised to Tony and said ?Don?t take any notice of me teasing you, but seriously I may call on you for advice later as I would like the girls to have their own computer each before long. That was the first occasion that Tony met Karen Grundy one of his future students. ?

The girls that he was required to teach did not disappoint him, and he quite soon found that they were on the whole, a much hornier bunch of young ladies than even he had come to expect. Most of the girls were giving off all the right vibes as far as he was concerned, but having previously met Karen Grundig previously he found it was quite easy to talk to her and within a couple of weeks he found that she really was making an obvious attempt to get on a much closer relationship with him.

Karen was a really beautiful, slim /blonde/sexy-blonde/">sexy blonde who exuded a sort of animal magnetism. She had a keen mind and was good company. She was he knew from school records just fifteen years old, and she invariably came to school dressed in a way that took the maximum liberty with the schools uniform policy for girls. The uniform was navy blue uniform skirt a white school blouse, with a blue blazer with the schools badge on the pocket. But Karen ensured that her skirt was as short as she could get away with, and the blouse as tight as was humanly possible, showing off her breasts to the best advantage, black shoes with higher than expected heels, and a little more make-up than the school normally allowed. Tony learned from a colleague that any Grundy who at least attempted to comply with school uniform should be encouraged.

Her interest in Tony was unashamedly, and patently obvious, at least to him, and being Tony, he exploited it for all it was worth. Several other girls also gave indications that they wished for a more personal relationship with Tony, but he shrugged them off for the present with out causing offence.

It was obvious that Karen had a severe crush on him, which Tony actively encouraged and nurtured. She made her interest quite obvious, and would frequently find excuses to deliberately hang around after school trying to create chances to talk to him out of class. On numerous occasions he managed to hold discreet conversations with her in secluded corners of the school corridors, or in a secluded room somewhere where she would take the opportunity to crush her young teenage body against his as she kissed and intimately fondled him.

Gradually their friendship blossomed into a more sexual relationship where she would stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv quite actively grind her crotch against his groin, as they stood passionately kissing. As she became bolder she would first remove her panties before they met, and stow them in her school bag so that Tony could play with her pussy, and give her a good finger fuck if the opportunity existed. On these occasions when there was no danger of them being seen she would quite openly grope his cock by undoing his zip and letting her hand play with his cock, on a couple of occasions she gave him a little quick blow job, obviously enjoying the fact she was giving him an enormous erection. Tony would give her plenty of encouragement, by surreptitiously fondling her boobs and pandering to her wishes whenever it was possible.

Quite quickly Karen was getting impatient she wanted more, much more and she was beginning to press Tony to find a way for them to get together alone on a proper date, somewhere where they could perhaps satisfy their growing lust for one another. Unfortunately, his apartment was under the close scrutiny of a quite young but very strict landlady who disapproved off his entertaining casual lady visitors. Although she made it quite clear that she would quite willingly accept his advances when her long distant Lorry Driver husband was away. Karen then suggested that Tony come to dinner one evening, and afterwards they could have her bed room all to themselves. She assured him no-one would mind.

His sexy landlady Tanya had made it very obvious from the very beginning that she expected Tony to make love to her almost as soon he had moved in. Her parents were West Indian but she had been born in the UK. She was a slim well educated bundle of fun. She was very pretty and dressed well, but her husband was away most nights of the week working. It was his involvement with Tanya which prevented Tony from following up his blossoming affair with Karen Grundy much quicker than he had done.

His affair with Tanya had all started the very first week that he had moved into the adjoining apartment which she owned. One evening having returned from school he found a lovely fruitcake on the table in his lounge and a little note from Tanya asking him to knock her door when he was free. Tony knocked on Tanya?s door with the intention of just thanking her and running, so when she opened the door and he saw she was standing there with a big welcoming smile on her face, wearing a very skimpy nightdress which did more to enhance her breasts than hide them.

?I am sorry I came at such an opportune time ? Tony said. ?Because I just wanted to thank you for that lovely cake, I am so sorry that I have come at an inconvenient time.? Then before Tony could blink Tanya was upon him. She wrapped her arms around him, pulling him into the apartment with a long fiery passionate kiss and kicking the door shut behind them. She was pressing her body against his and grinding her crotch feverishly against his stiffening erection. When they finally broke the kiss, coming up for air, she looked at him with a smile that somehow both baffled and delighted him.

"God, Tony Ive been wanting to do that for weeks, since you moved in." She said softly, as her very sexy body was still impatiently pressing and grinding against him. Her thick lips did not wait for a reply as they once again closed on his, her tongue exploring his mouth as now being only being human and with a raging erection Tony found himself responding by wrapping his arms around her neck as Tony gladly succumbed to her seduction.

?Tanya dear I think you are lovely, but we should stop now right away as you are married? Tony muttered.
?Yes Tony but where is my husband eh?. He is off fucking one of his many girl friends and leaving his wife alone at home.?
Tony was staggered . ?How do you know that?? Tony asked.
?Tony I know because he brings his dirty underwear for me to wash when he comes home and I see the stains.?
?You know he is a Long distance lorry driver and he stays away for three or four days at a time over in Ireland or in Scotland and I know just what he is up to with the girls over there.?
Tony?s mind was in a whirl as he tried to absorb this latest bit of information.
?Why don?t you leave him Tanya??
?I will if you are prepared to move in with me and I can lock him out darling any time you say so.?Tanya replied.

Tony did not reply as he was too pre-occupied with needing to make love to her. As they kissed Tony reached down and slipped off her nightdress shoulder straps, and she pulled away enough to let it drop to the floor. Now all she was wearing was a tiny black silk thong an a very happy smile.

Tanya took him by the hand into her bedroom where she impatiently started helping him to undress interspersed with long bouts of passionate kissing.. Soon they were on her bed and Tony began to kiss his way down her long, ebony body, lingering at the spot between her full, sweet breasts, down her smooth belly, finally pulling away the thong, and burying his face in her shaven pussy.

She wrapped those long almost endless silky legs around his head as Tony ate her pussy, running his tongue around the outline of her pink pussy lips, then licking away at the inside. She bucked against him, coming once, then quite quickly again, as Tony found her tiny clit and sucked on it. She went mad twisting and moaning as she came in a long orgasm flooding his face with her juices. The scent and taste of her, incredibly sweet and musky smell, was driving him mad, and Tony knew he had to get inside her.