Where I Belong Part 4

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Where I Belong Part 4

 Even before I knew what my girlfriend's schedule was going to be for the upcoming weekend, I had decided that I was going to spend at least part of the weekend with Barbie. Things with us had progressed at such a lightning pace, it was almost overwhelming. But, not so overwhelming that I wanted to stay away from her for any length of time. Truth be told, no amount of time I was spending with Barbie was even close to being enough.

So, needless to say, when I had confirmation that my girlfriend was indeed going away again on the weekend, my spirits were soaring. The only glitch was that the worthless one wasn't going to be leaving until Saturday night, not Friday night as before. Oh well, it was better than not at all. At least I wasn't going to have to make up any excuse as to where I was going for the night.

The week drug on, it seemed, and when Saturday got here and the /bitch/">bitch was heading down the road, I immediately got on the computer and tried to IM Barbie. I was mildly surprised to find that I had some messages waiting for me and she was already at Tammie's house. I tried to get ahold of her, but for whatever reason, my posts weren't getting through. I was getting her messages and they knew I was on, but I was the only one getting any posts.

I signed off, more than likely without her knowing, and started to go to Tammie's house. One problem. The fair was in town and the traffic down by my place was horrendous. A trip that would take typically about two minutes, took me close to fifteen, and I was having serious road rage! I wonder if I wanted to see Barbie really /bad/">bad or not?
I arrived at Tammie's and she met me at the door grinning. "Who are you here to see?"

I laughed and returned her grin. "I take it Barbie is still here?"
Again Tammie smiled. "Of course, silly. She's upstairs taking a bath. I'll go and tell her you're here."
I came in and took a seat on Tammie's sofa. My mind was racing and I had butterflies the size of condors crashing around in my stomach. In all actuality, I was only left alone for a few minutes before Tammie came downstairs to tell me Barbie would be down shortly. About two minutes later, Barbie did come down and she looked breathtaking. She was wearing a flowered sun dress and her /gorgeous/">gorgeous blonde locks were still wet from her bath. She looked positively stunning, even dressed casual as she was.

I stood up and we hugged in the middle of Tammie's living room. I could feel my heart pounding heavily in my chest. "Sorry my posts weren't getting to you," I said weakly.

"It's okay. I was getting anxious though. I figured the bitch was taking awhile leaving, or she hadn't left at all. I really wanted to see you tonight."
"Same here. I've missed you a lot." I hugged her again, loving how she felt in my arms. "But, she IS gone and won't be back until Sunday evening. So, good or bad, I'm yours for the weekend."
"I'm so glad. Come here and sit down and relax with me."

We sat in the middle of the floor and talked for quite some time, exactly how long, I couldn't say. Slowly, during our chatting, we began getting more affectionate towards one another. Brief touches turned into lingering ones and we began intertwining our fingers together. Every touch of hers was sending chills down my spine and I was getting very aroused. Tammie must have noticed and chose to excuse herself.

"So," I said after Tammie had departed, "we going to play any more show and tell tonight?"
Barbie began to smile and pushed away from me. "I was kinda hoping, so I decided to risk it and not wear any panties so you could get a better view." She pulled up the front of her dress and sure enough, no panties. My stomach clenched and my heart skipped a beat with excitement.

She was shaved with the exception of a thin stripe of pubic hair that she had left. Her /pussy/thick-pussy/thick-pussy-lips/">thick pussy lips were already swollen and I could see she was beginning to get wet. She felt the same sexual tension that I did. I wanted to taste her /sweet/">sweet juices like nothing I had ever wanted to before.
"I want to do more than look this time. Are you okay with that?"
"Well, I was kind of hoping so. To not go forward with this would sure be silly at this point, don't you think?" She smiled devilishly.
I returned her sexy smile and without saying a word, I put my hand on her sex and with my finger began tracing the outline of her lips. She immediately moaned and closed her eyes. "Come downstairs with me." I couldn't argue.

Barbie led me to Tammie's basement and we went into the spare bedroom. "I don't know what you have planned, but I don't want to rush anything. If this isn't..." I cut her off in mid-sentence and with all I had, kissed her. I felt her body go limp in my arms and I pushed my tongue into her mouth and she in return, let hers enter my mouth. I felt her moan in my mouth and I broke the kiss. "I want you...," I breathlessly spoke.

She led me to the bed and laid down upon it, bunching her dress beneath her. Without hesitation, I climbed between her legs and buried my face in her pussy. I attacked her wet, sweet tasting slit with all I had and lapped at her with complete ferocity. I wanted this so much, but I couldn't pace myself to savor the moment. All I wanted was to hear her cum and taste her /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-my-mouth/">cum in my mouth.

Barbie's feet were on my shoulders and she was thrusting her hips up to my face, meeting the thrusts of my tongue in and around her now soaked pussy. She was moaning and crying out and it wasn't long before she was convulsing with a powerful orgasm. I was so hard, that the tightness of my jeans was making me uncomfortable.

I slowed my licking until her orgasm subsided and before I could say a word, she had me on my back undoing my pants. "Oh, my Michael... Oh my fucking God, I want your cock in my mouth..."
She took off my jeans and my /underwear/">underwear and with no subtlety whatsoever buried my hard shaft deep into her throat. She was moving her head up and down me with blurring speed and at this pace I knew it wouldn't be long before I would be coming down her throat. As much as I liked that thought, I had to feel my cock milf porn videos inside that beautiful dripping pussy of hers. "No, not yet. I want to fuck you."

She stopped and shook her head and laid back on the bed and spread her legs. I moved between her legs and in one motion slipped my engorged cock inside of her. The look on her face mirrored everything that I was feeling at that moment. It was like we were meant for one another. We fit together perfectly and we both knew it. I began moving back and forth inside her, slowly increasing my tempo.

All the teasing and tension between us over the last few weeks were cast aside with every thrust I put into her. Her moans quickly turned into screams and that only made me fuck her harder. The harder I pumped into her, the louder she got and I was fucking her with everything I could muster.
She had been cumming for awhile now, as she was getting wetter by the second. I could feel her juices splashing on my thighs as I continued to pump her. I could feel my own orgasm building and I wanted her to feel me cum inside of her. I lifted her ass up on the edge of my knees and put her feet on my chest to get as deep as I could. She was thrashing on the bed, her head going back and forth and digging her nails into my back.
I felt my balls blowjob porn videos constrict and I knew it was time. "I'm gonna cum and fill your pussy," I said, in almost a whisper.

"Oh God, Michael... Oh God, fill up my pussy with your cum... Oh fuck, I'm cumming again." Her screams were echoing in my ears.
With a few more hard thrusts, I began to cum inside her sopping /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. I moaned very loudly and the orgasm was like none I had ever experienced before. I collapsed on her, exhausted.

Several minutes passed and we couldn't speak. I held on to her and she recipricated me. We gently caressed and kissed each other, basking in the blinding glare of the afterglow of what we had just experienced. We eventually dressed and went upstairs to sit on Tammie's porch swing in the cool September air.
We talked 'til morning about everything that we had just experienced and even slipped in another earth-shattering fuck before I had to go. As we kissed on the porch, and said our goodbyes, I knew that no matter what happened from here on, I would never be complete or happy unless we were together. Where ever Barbie was, is where I belonged, and the thought made me more comfortable than I ever thought I could be...
Only the beginning...