Adventures of seema and Anita Part 5

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Adventures of seema and Anita Part 5

It was just another day of the month. Had a very busy week so me and jay had decided to take a break and stay at home. But his head office had asked him to fly down to Belgium and he had left on Friday night. It was going to be a lone some weekend but there was nothing much to do.

After dropping jay at the airport I returned home at around 11pm and found someone sitting on the front door. I walked up to the door with a dim light falling on his head and he looked up and it was jays friend maddy. He got up, when I realized he was a /guy/big-guy/">big guy, 62 broad shoulders and quite a good looking guy. He said," hey anita, sorry to barge in like this, its just that me and my wife had a huge fight and we are breaking up and I just didnt want to stay there and didnt have anywhere else to go so I turned up at jays place. Im so sorry I hope you understand","oh thats ok, its just that jay is off to work for the weekend, why dont you come in and we can have a chat, you can stay over for sure, its just that its gonna be me around and wont be of much help if thats ok?" I opened the door and we stepped in and he just smirked and said,"thats fine as long as I get a place to stay for a few days", "oh sure, dont worry about that", I said and took him to the guest room and asked him to settle in and will get him something to eat.

I went down to the kitchen to get him some food and decided to take it to his room, the door was half open and I just slowly pushed the door and just said,"maddy, you there?, got you some food incase youre hungry" he stepped put of the toilet with a towel around him, "oh Im sorry I was just going for a shower!", I couldnt stop staring at his body, a decent six pack and nice masculine and pumped body. I just kept the plate on the side table and said,"thats fine just relax and feel at home, give me a shout if you need anything!" and I stepped out of the room and walked up to my room, still thinking of his lean body. I Decided to call it a day and fell asleep.

The next day I got up and took a long shower just taking in the weekend, and wore some black shorts and a top and stepped down to the kitchen, and heard some noise in the /gym/">gym we have in our house. I just thought of having a look at the stud, I went down on the gym and saw him doing the sit ups and said,"hey maddy, slept well?" and he just stood up and said," yea really good, just thought will get myself a little busy to keep the divorce off my mind", I just tapped on his shoulder, "dont worry it will be fine, gonna make some breakfast and then gonna clean up the lawn", he asked to help but I told him he can clean up and meet me in the kitchen. We met in the kitchen and had some breakfast and the day passed by just with small talk. At few instance I felt he was checking me out but I didnt want to catch him out.

In the evening at around 6, I thought it was time to cheer him up as he was really depressed about his broken marriage. I asked him,"hey maddy do you wana step into the jacuzzi and some steam and /sauna/">sauna? We got one at the back next to the gym?", he had a smile and said,"sure but I have no swimming trunks", "oh thats cool, you can wear jays" we walked up and I handed him the trunks and asked him to meet me downstairs. For the tease I decided to wear a /red/sexy-red/">sexy red bikini, which just covered my nipples and was tied by the neck, with a sexy red thong. I wrapped a towel and we went to the jacuzzi and turned it on and dropped my towel. Maddys eyes grew looking at me and I saw him check me out, he just couldnt stop staring and before he knew I caught his eye and he just smirked and we stepped into the jacuzzi. "jay is a lucky guy", and I just smiled and reached the bar and got out some drinks.

I just casually asked him how was the sex life and would he miss it, he just brushed the topic off saying his wife never bothered focusing on that. After a few drinks we were a little high and the drinks started to kick into us. So I offered to go for the steam and sauna. We got out and we stepped into the steam room, he asked me,"how the sex life with you guys? I mean it must be great right?", I turned to him and smiled and said," yea its amazing, jay loves doing me and I love when he takes me anywhere in the house, we are a little adventurous so its great." then we walked to the sauna room and its designed in a bench format where the heat is erupted from the centre and we sit around it. In the sauna I lay on the bench and decided to drop the towel to give his sore eyes some pleasure. I love teasing guys. I knew he couldnt take his eyes off my body, with a slim flat tummy, 36C boobs and an amazing ass it surely would be difficult.

After the sauna we decided to hit the shower. We had two showers but with curtains so I just pulled the curtian and took off my bikini and /hung/">hung it on the side. He shouted from the other shower room,"so whats plans now?", "oh I think i am gonna hit the bed call it an early night but you can watch tv and some dvds if you want", he just said,"nah, me gonna hit the bed too", i stepped out of the shower with a towel wrapped around me and got a tshirt and went to my room. I heard him walking up the stairs and going to his room. We called it a night and I wore satin shorts like hot pants and a satin tube top with no bra for the night and got into the bed, and suddenly jumped to remember the security switch was in maddys room and if not turned on would not set off the alarm. I turned on my side lamp and walked to his room. It was partly open and not to wake him up I slowly pushed the door open to see a bed side lamp on and to a huge /surprise/">surprise he lay naked in bed with a 9" /dick/thick-dick/">thick dick in his hand moving up and down. I just walked to the front of the bed and said,"need some help", and he jumped,"oh shit..

 Shit Im so sorry I thought you had dozed off, I didnt mean to really Im so sorry!", "relax maddy its a natural thing, but just out of curiosity what were you thinking?" and he just shyed off and said,"better not say, please its too embarrassing", "oh come on maddy, youre hard as a rock you must be thinking about something good, tell me?", and just looked at me and said," was thinking of you", my eyes widened up,"me? And what was I doing?", he looked down at his dick and said,"sucking it wearing the /bikini/red-bikini/">red bikini". I just wanted to trouble him so I said,"really? Now jay is not gonna like that is it?" and he just baffled and said,"Im sorry you looked amazing in that red bikini and its been so long, Im sorry", I just turned to him and said," so what was I doing exactly?", and his dick hard in his hand," you were holding my balls on your knees sucking my dick", I just stepped on the bed in a doggie position,"like this?" and took his dick in my hand and wrapped his dick in my mouth, it just felt amazing," was it like this maddy? Was I rubbing it fast and licking it or slow?" and he just closed his eyes and said,"its just perfect, please dont stop." and I kept sucking his dick and I started to become wet and his dick was nice and big and felt amazing in my mouth.

"You know Anita?," he said,"know we are in a 69 position", I just stopped sucking got up on my knees on the bed and pulled off my tube top and got on my back and pulled off my pants to give me a good look at my clean and craving pussy. I was soaking wet and I knew I was going to enjoy it. I crawled on top of him to give him a close look and feel of everything and just turned around and my pussy on his face and his dick on my face and before I took his dick, he dug his lips on my pussy, I couldnt stop myself,"mmmmm lick it give me that tongue of yours", and I went back to suck that /dick/big-dick/">big dick,"Ooooh Anita you really know how to suck it, my wife has never sucked soo well, mmmm please dont stop!" I just sucked for a good ten minutes when he stuck two fingers in my pussy,"aaah maddy finger me and lick me come on, dont hold back baby" and he really didnt hold back, just stuck his fingers in me and started to finger me and all we could hear was moans, I really didnt want it to end and we sucked licked and fingered for good 20mins when I reached my first orgasam,"aaaah fuck maddy Im comming, Im cuming on those fingers of yours", I got off his stomach and turned around to kiss him and his dick was rubbing my pussy, he kissed back really passionately and he was fondling my boobs and I pulled my self up a little and he bit my nipple and suckled on them and all I said,"I want you to use me to satisfy yourself maddy, leave marks do what you feel like baby but dont stop", and went /crazy/">crazy and started sucking both my boobs and simultaneously I was rubbing his dick on my pussy.

 Im sure he was oozing but I was soaking wet." whats jay gonna say when he finds out I am fucking his wife?" he asked and I just looked at him and said," he aint here to know about it and anyway you going to be fucking me or you will be fucking his wife?" and he said,"its a turn on fucking his wife, who is cheating on him!" and I just kissed him and said," make the most of his wife, us me as to satisfy yourself baby" and I just moved down to his waist and stood on his dick and slowly dug it in my pussy. "aaaah baby you are big, its really feels good, mmmmmmm maddy shove it deeper baby!", and he lost in estacy of sex,"youre tight, I think you need to be treated properly, I might as well use you for pleasure" and pushed his dick right inside me and started to thrust me deeper and deeper and all I was saying yes to every fucking push of him, and when I reached my second orgasam, I bent a little backwards and shouted, "I am cuming, Oooh fuck Im coming on your dick, aaaaaah dam it feels good",my head was turning never had I felt so crazy in an orgasam.

He picked me off his dick and turned me around on the bed and made me lay in doggie style and ramped his dick in one thrust inside me,"how does it feel fucking someones wife?" and he just said,"amazing, youre worth it, and Im gonna fuck you" and he bit my back so hard it left a mark. He pulled me from my hair and said,"you wana be fucked right, take this" and he pumped it even harder inside me, it was hurting but I was closing on mythird orgasam specially with the abuses, and he bit my shoulder and left another mark on it.

It was really getting rough, he started to pump me even harder than before, and with every thrust slapped my ass, and again he bent to bite me on the hip and I just said,"maddy fuck stop biting please", "why dont like it?" he said in a rough voice and I just said."I love it but what will I tell jay about the marks... Aaaah fuck... Its prominent marks.... Aaah that youre leaving!", he just took his dick out and turned me over facing him and I lay on the bed with my head partly hanging out,"thats the fun of fucking a cheating wife", and he just pushed his dick into my pussy and he was top of me and I could not stop my third orgasam,"aaaaaa yea baby Im cuming again shit Im cuming again dont stop, please dont."

And suddenly the phone rang and we both stopped, I raised my hand and he without waisting anytime moved his dick deeper inside me, I was in totally loss of my mind and pressed the speaker button, "hey honey how you doing?" it was jay but maddy didnt care, he enjoyed that my husband was on the phone and he was fucking me, "hey aa baby aa, how are you?", "Im good just thought will tell you Im not coming back tomorrow its going to be a week here so you going to be ok?" and I was getting maddys dick inside me deeper and I just couldnt get my words out, "honey you there?", "yea sorry aaah, its ok take your time aaah, I will ask seema to come over if need be aaah", "ok I got go boss is here" and jay disconnected the phone, "oh fuck maddy , I cant beleive your wife left you, if I was getting fucked like this everyday porn videos download I would never leave you!", he just smiled and said,"your pussy needs it, her pussy doesnt and you have to tell me something, you think I fuck better than jay aaaahfuck you are tight", and he kept pumping me harder and harder and I was shaking and lost,"only if Im better than youre wife, aaaah fuck maddy youre fucking huge Im coming closer to forth aaaah baby", he just with a thrust said,"oooooh yea baby youre better than my wife anytime, she will never be the little bitch you are, she would never be sooo good in bed, fuck I think Im gonna cum inside you", I was lost on that dick,"yea youre better than jay and youre fucking me sooo well it would never happen with him, shit baby /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-harder/">fuck me harder, please dont xxx stop now".

He was pushing his dick deeper and he bent forward and bit my left boob on the side and sucked on the bite and left a dark red mark and with a final thurst shot his warm load of cum inside me and it was a lot of cum and I couldnt stop my forth orgasam and we almost came together. He shot load after load and it started to ooz out of my pussy and fall on the covers, he kept his dick in me and bent forward to kiss me.we kissed and he removed his dick and lay beside me."that was amazing really good" he said and turned towards me,"yeaaaa it felt great, lucky Im on a pill but even if I wasnt I would have taken this cum in me." and I stood up and said,"thanks" and he got up and I walked out of his room and went to my room. To clean up I thought I will take a shower. I turned the lights on and stepped under the shower and suddenly felt a hand on my waist and I jumped and turned around and before I knew it I was kissing maddy and his hands were fondling my boobs and I felt his dick standing like rod.

He turned the nob of the shower and we let the warm water run on our bodies,"youre ready again I see" and he just washed the water off his face and said, "there is something I didnt do!", I saw the look in his eye and didnt know what he had in mind, he suddenly pushed me towards the wall and picked me by the thigh and stuck his dick a little into my ass,"I couldnt let it go waist", and he took some oil on the side and just poured it on his dick and he just let me slip on his dick and it was all the way in my ass, I just couldnt believe he was already ready to /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-my-ass/">fuck my ass, and he bit my neck and again sucked it hard to leave a /big/big-love/">big love bite on the neck. He turned to the otherwise and bit me again and again left a mark, "maddy you gotta stop I have no clue what Im gonna tell jay!" he just kept pushing his dick and pulled me off the wall and bent me over an stuck the dick back into my ass. He said"you really think I care what you gonna tell your husband?

You should have thought of that before fucking me!" and he kept ramping his dick in and out and his balls were slapping my pussy. He just said,"I think Im gonna cum again where do you want in your ass or pussy?,"pussy baby again in the pussy cuz Im gonna cum as well." and he turned me over and pushed me against the wall and started fucking me again and we came together and his cum was oozing and falling on the shower floor. He kept the dick in me till he off loaded his cum and then removed it. We kissed again in the shower and cleaned up. We stepped out and wiped ourselves and I asked him if he wanted to join me on my bed, and he just looked at me and pushed me on the bed. He got on top of me and I felt he was getting harder. I pulled him towards the top and whispered in his ear,"may be you should meet my /friend/best-friend/">best friend seema.... Im sure you will love it" and I just picked up the phone...... To be continued... (wait for the next part)