A new life121

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A new life121

It was only midnight when I snuck out of the house, got in my car and sped away. I hoped that no one had heard me leave. My mother had just recently grounded me, because she found out about me. She thought that a mere sixteen-year-old high school student shouldn?t be allowed to make her own decisions.

Any ways know that I thought about it I didn?t really care if they knew I had left, I was gone for good this time. I had taken what few personal items I had, and the couple hundred bucks that I had snuk out the family safe over the past few months. Come to think about it they probably wouldn?t be too happy about me taking the car.

That night marked a turning point in my life, and the life of a very special person who I was about to meet.

It was going on four in the 4 am when I pulled into the small dirty rest stop in the small dirty town that most people had never even heard of. I had to stop, because I was so tired I had already fallen asleep twice behind the wheel. Anyways what would be the point of all that trouble I had gone through to get away from my family if I was only to die in some auto accident a few hours later? 

I stepped out of my car and walked slowly towards the small grungy looking restaurant, I stumbled over the loose gravel of the parking lot and was surprised that I had even made it to the door. I pushed the door open and went inside

I was almost bowled over by the wave of cigarette smoke, /bad/">bad breath, and cheap beer. Usually I would have gagged and probably thrown up put I was so tired I barley even noticed it as I walked over to the heavyset tough looking woman behind the counter

"What can I get yea?" she asked as she polished the already clean cheap glass cup in her hand.

"Coffee please" I said after a minute. She sighed, set down the glass, and went to work making the coffee. I soon noticed that quite a few of the men in the room seemed to be watching me. I had the urge to run away get in the car and drive as far away as possible. But what would be the point of that I thought to myself as I paid the waitress for the coffee.

I finished my coffee as quick as possible, got up and nearly ran out of the diner, when I was back in my car; I finally managed to relax. I started the car turned the radio up and drove. All I could think about was getting as far away from those men. I had grown up watching all those crime dramas law & order, CSI, NYPD blue, and ever since I had started watching them I had felt slightly more paranoid about being around strangers alone.

Although I was alone I felt happy knowing that I was free of the oppression and bias that I had had to put up with my family for the past few years, ever since? I sigh and keep driving hopefully towards a better life. 

I ran as fast as I could towards the entrance to the nightclub. I had just gotten into the city a few minutes ago and had stopped at a popular nightclub that I had often been told about by people who had been to the city. I had parked my car a few blocks away in a parking garage were I had paid $20 to make sure that it wasn?t stolen. As I had walked towards the nightclub it had started to rain lightly but soon it had become the typical trencial downpour.

I reached the entrance paid the small fee to get in and hurried inside out of the rain and cold, I worked my way through the press of dancing bodies and jumped when I felt a hand stroke my ass. I looked around trying to find the one who had done it. But with so many people there it was impossible to see who had done it. I continued towards the bar pushing away the few guys whom decided they wanted to dance with me.

I finally made it over to the bar and sat down. When the scantily dressed bar maid asked me what I wanted I replied "water." I was pretty sure it was the only drink they served that wasn?t some form of booze, and booze required ID. I was only 18 years old but I was often told that I look older than I really am.
The barmaid came over and placed down the glass. "Thanks" I said, reaching into my pocket for some money.
"Oh, you don?t have to pay for it" she said, "this one is on me."

I smiled and looked up from the counter to say thank you, and my heart skipped a beat. The words were frozen on my lips, and all I could do was stare into those two deep green vivid eyes. Before me stood the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. After what seemed like hours, she coughed lightly to get my attention. I snapped out of my daze and realized that I had been staring at her for who knows how long. I feel myself going red and my heart is pounding in my ears louder than even the music.

She smiled at me and turned away to serve another customer. I still couldn?t take my eyes off her, I knew I was falling for her even though we had only said a few words, and I didn?t even know if she was like me or not. I blinked when I found myself staring at her ass, which looked really nice in the tight leather pants she was wearing.

It took me a moment to realize that she had stopped and was watching me watch her, I quickly turn away going red again. Before I knew I saw her get up and walk into the back room labeled employees only. A /new/new-girl/">new girl had taken her place and was to my great discomfort eyeing me with an almost hungry look on her face.

I stood up and left the bar walking along the outside of the dancing crowd I found a small empty table in the corner, with only two chairs. I sat down in one and put my feet up to rest on the other, tapping my feet together in time with the music. I just sat there listening to the music and found my thoughts drifting back to the hot bartender.

If you haven?t already guessed, yes, I?m a lesbian. I grew up in a very very catholic family even though I never followed the religion. About a year earlier I had started dating a girl from school, my parents had no idea that we were "dating" she thought I was just hanging out with my /friend/best-friend/">best friend.

But one day after school my brother had walked in alain lyle porn on us kissing, and that had been it. Once my parents found out they had grounded me and closely watched me, I wasn?t allowed to ever be alone with another girl, I tried and it only made it worse. My mother had wanted to disown me put my father wouldn?t hear of it. He was sure that my soul could be saved if I repented for my sins. What sins since when is it a sin to love someone, that is the reason I had never followed their faith.

Of course the worse thing about it was that I was forbidden indian santali xvideo from seeing my girlfriend ever again, and if you?ve ever lost someone you love you should know what is was like. It broke my heart and I tried to kill myself multiple times but finally gave up trying. It hurt me so much. My mother seemed to think that my homosexuality was some sort of disease that could be cured.
My mother sent me to therapists, tons of churches, tried drugs anything but eventually gave up, the harder she tried the more stubborn in my sexuality I became so eventually she just locked me up and wouldn?t let me go anywhere but school. Now you can see why I ditched my family

I snapped out of my revelry as I found two slender arms wrapping around me from behind. I froze, what do I do? I thought, I new it wasn?t a guy that was obvious. I nearly fell over when I saw the reflection of who was behind me in a mirror on the nearby wall. It was the bartender. I was so shocked I couldn?t even move. 

I felt her warm breath on the side of my neck, it caused me the shudder, OH GODDESS IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING? I thought as I sat there, I totally expected to snap out of this and return to the real world like it had happened so many other times in my other daydreams.

Her arms pulled me closer to her, pressing me against the back of my chair. A light moan escaped my lips as I felt her kissing my neck. Meanwhile her arms that had been gently kneading my shoulders slipped forward and down the front of my tight tank top, this brought me out of this passionate daze. I had never been touched that way by another girl. I was pretty sure that I had been about to be touched that way in an earlier incident of passion, but unfortunately my brother had walked on and bought me a one way ticket to hell.

She felt it when I had jerked and stopped. But it wasn?t as though I hadn?t experienced that type of pleasure before; I experienced it every time a masturbated. But it felt different when another woman was rubbing my breasts. She squeezed my shoulders, I could tell that she wanted my promission before she continued. "Yes" I managed to moan as I pressed myself back into her arms.
I felt her hands once more slip down my shirt and start rubbing my breasts, she took my nipples and rolled them between her fingers. Causing me to sigh in pleasure and lay back further into her arms. Then I felt one of her hands pull away, I moaned in disappointment, and felt her arm circle around my waist and run down the inside of my legs slowly spreading them causing my short skirt to slide farther up my legs. I moaned and leaned back against her. I felt her hand move up my thighs and gently rub at my soaked pussy through my panties, she continued to rub at my pussy causing me to become even wetter. I felt her hand slip into my panties and rub at my soaking pussy directly, I moaned and let out a little whimper of pleasure. She found my clit and started rubbing and pinching it causing my to jump in pleasure and let out a rather loud moan. Then I felt her slip a finger inside me; I let out a small cry of shocked pleasure. Then I felt another in me, then another and a felt the impending orgasm pretty soon my moans and whimpers had become screams that I bit into my sweater to stifle. My body jerked and flung itself around when the orgasms ripped through me.

I slumped on the seat "did you like that? I heard her whisper in my ear as she slowly dragged her fingers out of my pussy "cause they certainly did" I suddenly heard smattering of applause as I looked up to see the small crowd that had gathered around and watched her fuck me. I went bright red and I heard the door close behind me. I looked back to see the door labeled employees only swinging back and forth. She was nowhere to be seen.

I rushed out around to the back of the bar, hoping that she would come out of the employee?s exit, the whole time I was wondering why she had left so abruptly. When I ran around the corner into the alley behind the club I new instantly that something was wrong. There were no lights on in the alley and I had a bad feeling about it, of course I kept going. What a fool I was. I heard a noise behind me and whipped around to see two rough looking men blocking the entrance to the alley. I hurried towards the back entrance of the club when I saw two other men walking down the alleyway towards me, they were laughing.

When I got to the door I twisted the handle but it wouldn?t open, it was locked. I yelled and banged on the door, but my only answer was the laughter of the four men closing in on me, I was trapped. Now I was really worried, I reached into my pocket for the small bottle of pepper spray I always kept with me.

One of the men had pulled out a cruel looking knife, and was advancing on me. "Were gonna cut you up, /bitch/">bitch" he said laughing. He lunged at me, I screamed and pulled out my pepper spray but I already knew I wouldn?t get it up in time to defend myself. Just at that moment a car swerved into the alleyway honking its horn, lights blaring. The man stopped, turned and ran along with his friends, having been caught off guard. I sank down against the door relieved. 

"Are you alright?" someone yelled as they got out of the car. I didn?t answer I was still in shock. I heard the person run over to me and gather me up in their arms. What was happening to me I thought as I blacked out.

When I woke up I found myself lying in what seemed to be the most comfortable bed I?d ever slept in. I was disoriented since when was my bed this comfortable? I thought to myself. Then the events of the previous night came flooding back to me. The bargirl, the club, the alleyway, the men, and the last moment rescue.

If I wasn?t in my bed then whose bed am I in? I rolled out of bed looking for my clothes but I couldn?t find anything but the thin knee length silk robe lying across the foot of the bed. I quickly put it on realizing that I was standing naked in front of the open window. I looked out and realized after a second that I was in the upper stories of an apartment complex.

Who undressed me? I thought to myself with a small shudder as I walked to the door of the room and placed my head against it, listening for noises. When I heard nothing I sighed and leaned against the door.

Suddenly the door opened, I stumbled back in /surprise/">surprise, tripped and fell flat on my ass, and my robe to come open. I looked up to see the most beautiful woman I had ever seen staring down at me. We just stared at each other for a moment then she went bright red, and averted her eyes.

"OH, UH, I?m so sorry" she said In the most melodious voice I?d ever heard. Still averting her eyes she walked over to the bedside table and set down the breakfast tray she had been carrying. All thoughts of the girl from the previous night had been driven out of my head by this new beauty. I quickly closed the robe.
She was beautiful, with full lips and bright blue eyes, with a slender body, that wasn?t to thin, wasn?t to /fat/">fat. She had long straight black hair, and high cheekbones. She was about 5? 10" Her breasts weren?t to big but were easily noticeable under the baggy T-shirt she was wearing; her ass was round and just begging to be grabbed. Her skin was pale and flawless, she was the most beautiful person I had ever seen, and put most movie stars to shame. 
She turned around and realized I was staring at her

 she hurried towards the door trying not to look at me and hide her blush from me. Then I realized that the flimsy robe had fallen open again. She soon realized that I was between her and the door. She paused then. 

I found it hard not to laugh at her shyness. 

"Um, uh, sorry, but do you think I could get by." She stuttered as tried to slide by me. Her leg brushed my shoulder and I had the strong urge to run my hand up it and touch her. But I restrained myself, and let her past. I nearly did again when I looked up as she passed, I just couldn?t resist. She wasn?t wearing any underwear! I felt the familiar burning between my legs and crossed them as I starred dazedly after her, and I couldn?t stop my eyes from drawing to down to look at her ass. 

As she walked along the side of the room to the door, she stopped and leaned against the wall letting out a deep sigh, and slumping down against it, apparently thinking I couldn?t see her anymore. I sat there for a long time, watching her. My hand creeping down between my legs. I was aroused just at the sight of her. I began to rub myself while I watched her walk over to the table and bend down over the morning paper giving me a perfect view of her /pussy/perfect-pussy/">perfect pussy.