Emmas first time

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Emmas first time

Emma was 18, and just starting university. In fact, it was her first day. She was excited and a little . See, she came from a small all-girls village school and led a rather secluded middle-class suburban lifestyle. She had had very little contact with boys, and was still a virgin like many of her friends. But here she was in the big wide world of university, with boys, booze and late night parties to look forward to.

She walked onto campus clutching her brand new stationery. Would she make any friends? Would anyone like her? Within five minutes of wandering around campus a boy sidled up to her.

"Hi i'm Dave," he said, flashing a perfect smile. "You look new."
"I-I am," she fumbled, totally blown away by this handsome stranger. "My name's Emma."
"Nice to meet you Emma. This is my second year here. I'm pretty familiar with the place. Would you like me to show you around?"
"Oh gosh, that would be great. Thank you so much," she gushed.
And so the first day passed. Dave helped her to her classes and they went for coffee afterwards.

A few days after they first met, things were going well. Dave suddenly asked her if she wanted to go to a his friend was holding with him.
"Like, on a date?" she asked nervously.
"Yeah, a date." he flashed another one of his smiles.
"Wow, yes. I'd love to."

She got dressed up and they went together. Everything went smoothly. They slowdanced in the middle of the dancefloor then went outside and talked. Dave was so romantic and . Emma was convinced that she was ready - tonight was the night. She was going to give her cherry to Dave.

At around 11, Dave asked Emma back to his flat. She agreed readily. He carried her back in his arms, her feet sore from dancing. When at his place they dispersed with the small talk and he took her into the bedroom and gently lay her down on the bed.

"Oh Emma," he moaned xnxxv sunny leone video softly.
"This...this is my ," she confessed quietly. He smiled.
"That's OK." 

Then he slowly removed her dress. real forced anal against her will He pushed her onto her front and undid her bra and removed her panties. He rolled her back onto her back and drew in a gasp at her perfectly round C-cup breasts and hairless pussy.

"What's wrong?" she said, worried.
"You're so beautiful." he said. She blushed as he removed his clothes and beckoned her towards his cock.

He guided her head towards his groin. Her lips parted automatically. She started kissing his long shaft and soon her lips were locked around the head of his cock.
"Oh you're doing so good Emma, oh yes," he groaned.

Soon she was deep throating him, he had his hand on the back of her head, pushing her face into his hard member.
"Oh yes, yes!"
He pulled out of her mouth and pushed her back onto the bed.
"Are you ready?"
"Yes" she replied breathlessly.

He moved towards her. She gasped as she felt him insert himself in her slowly. It hurt a little, but then waves of pleasure starting coming.
He picked up pace, pushing into the hilt and withdrawing, then pushing back in again.

Emma bit her lip. This felt so good. She loved Dave so much. She was glad she had waited.
Dave felt himself about to come in Emma's tight . As he came he yelled out, "OH YES YOU LITTLE SLUT! YOU FUCKING WHORE!"
It was a moment of pure orgasmic nirvana. Then he pulled out, feeling his cock softening. He lay next to Emma.

"Why did you call me that?" she said softly.
"Call you what?" he said. He got up and starting putting his clothes on.
"A slut and a whore." she said, in the same hushed, hurt tones. "Because i'm not."

"Oh come on Emma, of course you are. I've only known you a few days, and you fucked me on the first date. Like anyone would believe you were a virgin." He laughed. "Now get your clothes on and get out of here you hoe. My girlfriend Sandra's coming in a minute."

Emma hurriedly put on her clothes and high heels. Tears were falling down her face.
"what are you crying about?" Dave jeered. "Oh come here."

Emma thought he was relenting; he was about to pay her a compliment or something. Something to let her know that their fuck meant something. She went over to him. He took the purse from her hands and stuffed some bills in it then handed it back to her.

"Now beat it hooker and wipe those tears of your goddam face." 
She ran out of his flat, choking with her sobs.