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You walk past the door, hear the music and stop to see who is in the room. You slowly creek the door open just a little bit and stop mesmorised... You see her, the one you've always liked. She's dancing sexily to a music channel on the tv. You can see her hair swishing around her neck as the dances to the music.

You decide to make your presence known by opening the door so it hits
the cupboard behind it. She jumps a little in shock, but just smiles at you and keeps on dancing. That smile, those wonderful lips, you wonder how you have been able to resist this girl for so long. You make your way slowly and silently too the sofa behind her.

From here you can see the back of her legs moving to the music. Those legs, that you slowly follow upwards to her wonderful bum. So tight in the jeans she's wearing. You can't help but stare at it as it sways in motion. You just sit there, watching ...and watching, you have no idea how much time has passed since you entered the room but you don't care. You're just watching her, the girl you desire so much. After a while she looks back at you and giggles as she knows what you've been watching.

You don't know what it is about that giggle that made you so brave but you pull her towards you suddenly and start passionetly kissing her. Your tongue finds the entrance to her mouth quickly and you press it forwards, you meet no resistance and soon you are both kissing like you've been doing it your whole lives. You don't know how it happened but somehow you both ended up laying on the sofa, you ontop her her.

You waste no time in removing her top to reveal her young and perky breasts. Not too big but definetly a good size. You start to move down her body, kissing every part you pass, down both arms and eventually up to her breasts. You spend a good ammount of time kissing them, even sucking the nipples - causing her to moan. You keep moving down, kissing along her stomach until you come to her jeans.

You look up into her eyes and can tell she is giving you her approval. Slowly you unbutton her jeans and slide them down along with the panties beneath them.You're staring right at it now. The thing you have most desired about her for so long.

You stroke along the outer lips with your tongue which causes her to release another moan. Realising how much pleasure it seems to be giving her, you start to lick at it properly.Using your tongue to probe inside of her, after a while, her hands seemed to be pressing
your head further down into her. She seems to be shaking slighty and moaning in pleasure, you realised now that you were bringing this girl to her first orgasm. Taking her past the /climax/">climax you so wished to give her. Her body shuddered full hd xvideo download around you, you lapped up all the liquid that seemed to have formed inside of her, tasting her sweetness. You decide
you love the taste, maybe a little salty but other then that it seemed perfect.

Soon she started to move, showing that she had overcome the pleasure of her first orgasm.She pushes you back - so she is now the one on top of you. You feel her thumbling at the buttons of your trousers and help her out. Putting your hands on hers and guiding her.The buttons come undone. She pulls your trousers down, revealing the tented form of your boxer shorts, wasting no time, she pulls them down quickly and gasps at the sight infront of her. Your dick is completly revealed to her, six inches long, average for an adult so not /bad/">bad for someone
your age you think. She seems to think so to, as she wastes no time exploring it with her shaking hand.

The moment her hand touches it, you feel like you're in heaven. You have never felt so good before.She starts rubbing up and down with her hand, a little too hard at first but after she realises free porn movies download this from your
gasp, she slows. Knowing she can return the favor of what you gave her, she licks the head of your dick.It doesn't take her long to start sucking it in her mouth, swirling her tounge around it well inside. You can feel the pressure inside you building up, you know you don't have long until you are going to cum so you warm her. But she doesnt pull off, she just keeps going. Soon, her sucking is too much and you start to realease your cum inside of her, she tries to swallow it all but chokes a little, causing a tiny ammount to dribble down her chin.

Even after you know what she had just moments before in her mouth, you can't help it - you kiss her again. Pressing your bodies closer together. The kiss seems to last forever, and when you finally break it, you realise that you are once again hard. With an unspoken approval, you climb back on top of her. Carfully aiming your dick at her entrance.

You push slowly, getting deeper and deeper inside her. Soon you feel a resistance and realise you are pressing against her hymen. You push a little harder and it breaks, she gasps in pain but says nothing,
you notice the tiniest bit of blood drip out of her. It was official, she was no longer a virgin.

You start to pull out of her again, slowly - as you know she might still hurt a little. As the head of your dick is about her leave her, you stop - and once again push inside. You repeat this over and over again quite slowly until you think she is ready. Then you begin to thrust faster, causing her to start moaning silently again. Your mind seems to be in a fit of extacy as you continue, for all you knew, this went on for hours, but in /reality/">reality, it wasnt that long. You feel her body shaking against you which causing even more pleasure in your groin. Soon you realise you are both racing towards orgasm and neither
of you planned on stopping. Then it happened, her muscles around your dick clenched, and that ended it, you both came together in a unforgettable moment of pure pleasure.

You pull out of her and move so you are both laying on your sides, facing each other, holding each other. You will never forget that day ever, no matter what happens in your life, because she was the girl, she was Laura.