MISS JAY JAY Chapter 1 Blood Lust

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MISS JAY JAY Chapter 1 Blood Lust

100% fiction!

Waiting for my ride I sat my book satchel down next to me, had a seat on the bench, and listened to the music Playing on my I pod. Uncle lex was running late as usual to pick me up from school. Dressed in my black skirt, white button up blouse and knee high white socks, with my signature black buckle boots and a neck tie as an accessory I tryed to wait patiently as all the other kids made there way to there vehicles and headed home. I need my own car, I thought to myself as lex pulled up in front of me.

sliding my tiny bubble butt off the bench, my 411" 95 pound frame moved to the car with a casual but sexy stroll. I knew uncle Lex enjoyed watching me move all sexually when I walked, he had always snuck a peek at me every since the age of 10 but now at 18 he was looking more and more. And why shouldnt he, my short red hair and baby blue eyes caught the attention of any and every man.

As we pulled off he says to me, " hey JayJay, "thats short for Jaylynn, "I have to make a stop before we head home ok?" Not the one to ever protest I said ok as we made our way down the road. Moments later we pulled up at a house that seemed to be abandoned. I couldnt see anyone anywhere. Telling me to sit tight uncle xxx sex video download free com lex proceeded to head inside. Still listening to music I did as I was told.

What seemed as an hour later, I heard a knock at my window. Must have dozed off. I looked up and saw a tall black man dressed in black shorts and a red tee shirt standing at the window. Opening the door he said, "hey snowflake, bring your little ass inside." Not wanting to upset him I did as I was told. Upon entering uncle Lex sat quietly on a couch with a look of terror in his eyes.

There were 5 more black me, all dressed similar to the one I met only moments before. One way at a table with what looked like baggies of cocaine in front of him. I sat next to Lex, and asked what was going on. Before Lex could speak the man at the table said, "were is my money Lex?" Trying to plead with the man that he will have it by the end of the night, one of the other men hit Lex in the face. Startled by this I screamed and jumped up to run when I was caught by another man who held me tight. The one at the table stood quickly saying, "bring her here." And with no problem I was drug to the table.

The one calling the shots grabbed me with such strength that my breath was taken away. He spun me around, shoved me down on the table, pulled my skirt up to my back, and shoved his crotch area into me. I could feel his bulge in his pants expanding as he grinded into saying, "tell me what I want here Lex." My cotton white panties were being shoved into my ass crack and the powder white cheeks were showing on each side.

"Theres nothing else I can say Bloody Dee, I dont have it yet, "Lex said and the one he called Bloody Dee responded saying, "well Im sorry to hear that bro, because one way or the other Im getting some kinda payment up in this mutha fucka today, right now, " and with that being said he took hold of my panties and shoved them down to the floor, quickly raised back up and placed his hand back on my back holding me there with ease while my white teen bubble ass was exposed for the world too see. With his other hand he started unbuckling his pants and pulling out his monster of a cock that I couldnt see but I feared I would soon feel.

Pleading with the man Lex said, "come on man shes just a kid you dont have to do this." Laughing Bloody Dee said, "bring that mutha fucka over here and set him in that chair right in front of her I want him to see this." Lifted to his feet and set down in a chair across the table from me I could see the fear in his eyes as I was sure he could see the same in mine. I felt a slobbery wetness coat my exposed /butts/butt-hole/">butt hole and I knew at that moment I was going to be paying this dept for Lex regardless of protest.

Taking me by the hair and pulling my head back so that means and Led were eye to eye I felt my ass cheeks pulled apart as this baseball batt sized back cock head pushed at the opening. Not wanting to give, my tiny anal cavity held strong as he pushed again but to no avail.. "Man this little slugs /asshole/">asshole isnt wanting to break, yall black guys come spread her ass cheeks for me.

"Doing as told one guy on each side spread my ass as wide as it would go, another held me down to the table and the last I could see had a gun pointed at Lex. Bloody Dee walked around to the side of the table and holding his king kong mammoth cock in his hand and looking down at me he placed it on the table next to my head. staring up at him, with this enormous grin on his face he said, "spit on it, " I did as told as he laughed saying again, again. Over and over I spit all I could only his dick getting it good and click for what was to come. Moving from my sight he made his way back to his place behind me.

Once again my head was yanked up by the hair and as Lex and I stared into each others eyes, Bloody Dee thrust with everything his strong muscular body had inside. The head of his cock tore into my asshole tunneling its way about three inches in carrying with it more pain then I had ever felt in my eighteen years on this planet. I screamed as he pulled back and pushed in again, screaming out him self as his snake forced its way all the way into my shit tunnel. "AHHHHHHHHH, " escaped his mouth as he pushed and tore into my kiddie hole. Tears rolled from my eyes as I squirmed and tryed to push up, doing anything possible to stop the pain but with no such luck.

Hearing them all laugh my head was released and fell to the table as he grabbed my hips and started ramming this grown man cock in and out of my underdeveloped asshole. Over and over he rocked my young body with blow after blow. I could feel my ass cheeks vibrate with every plunge.

The table creaked over and over as my once untapped butt hole was tortured by this colossal pipe, when all of a sudden he pulled out. A swooshing sound rushed out of my new gapping asshole as air made its way in. Bloody Dee said, "yeah, she felt that, got some good latte asshole dont you baby girl. I bet your uncles little dick is her right now, I bet he wishes he could fuck that tight little butt, with his nasty self. But Im not gonna give him that satisfaction. Yall let that little /bitch/">bitch go." I was released and fell to the floor with ease.

I was told to get on my hands and knees and crawl to Lead, but I didnt move. The next sound I heard was the gun pointed at Lex cock. /scared/">scared of what they might do I moved up to my hands and knees and crawled slowly towards Lex. When I made it to him I was pulled back by my hair again, up on my knees now, some one reached around with both hands and ripped open my white blouse exposing my 34aa breast to my uncle.

Lex looked away but was told with anger to look at me. He turned back and stared at my child like chest as bloody dee grabbed the neck tie and pulled me up from the ground. Standing now facing him, my head in his chest he slipped my ass making it jiggle for Lex to see. Over and over he slipped it turning it a crimson color. Then he forced me down to my knees, placed his cock on top of my head, his balls dangling in front of my face. I could smell the mask from his sweat mixed with the aroma of the depts of my asshole lingering in front of me when once again he said, "spot on it." I spit over and over lathering his black as night nuts, then he held his cock up as I spit on it as well.

I opened my mouth and he worked it into my mouth filling it with his midnight colored python. My lips stretched to the max and my throat accommodated all the dick it could and he barely had the head in, but I took it in both hands and started trying to force it down my throat. I gagged and my shes watered but I kept on. I could feel my juices inside start to pulsate as I got into it stroking it as I swallowed.

With the other hand I started playing with my shaved pussy as Bloody Dee said, "check this little white slut out, she fucking loves the black dick, " looking at Lex. "And you gotta give a /whore/">whore what she wants, " then spinning me around and pushed down to the floor, my hips were raised up as my face layer on the carpet Bloody Dee once again guided his cock into my ass, only this time it slid in with a tad bit more ease. I looked up at Lax as he started slamming dick punch after dick punch into my baby butt hole gaping it wide again with every plunge.

His cock shot deeper and deeper reaching depts he couldnt achieve earlier. The black head collided with the bottom causing his dick to bend slightly then retract before repeating the process at ungodly speeds. I could feel my anal sleeve pull out and push back in as it held on to the invader accommodating its confines.

Farting noises rang out along with the slapping sound of his hips colliding with my ass cheeks as I looked up at Lax screaming with /ecstasy/">ecstasy. I felt his rhythm increase and a smile crept across my face as he screamed, "FUCK IM CUMMING IM CUMMING IM CUMMING, "his cock was yanked from my asshole with enormous force, I was spun around, and with my mouth already open long strings of sexxxx video ful hd cum blasted my face and in my mouth.

Collapsing to the floor, I felt butterflies. I was living everything that had just happened to me. Looking up I saw the other five men start exiting there cloths and I knew we were far from over. Looking over at Lex I smiled and said, "dont worry, by the end of the night, theyll owe you money." As I turned and got ready for what was about to be the most memorable night of my life.

To be continued...