Fucked on beach by Rugby Team

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Fucked on beach by Rugby Team

It was late summer and the campsite was about 5 minutes walk from the beach. I was 18 years old and on a short cycling holiday. The hot sunny summers evening made me want to take off as many of my clothes as I could without being arrested for indecency.

So I set off from the tent across the terrain in a pair of skimpy thin blue briefs. It was easy to see the curves of my bum through the tight fitting cotton. The pants failed to cover the top part of my buttocks so it was easy to see I had a long deep cleft and an all over sun tan.

This summer had been my first on the loose as until I had left school I had been subjected to a rigid discipline. I felt sexy about my own body and loved to show off as much as I could. I had let my blond hair grow long and so that and my smooth body and /ass/large-ass/">large ass was a real head turner especially among the guys.

Earlier that month I had been to a nudist camp and got slung out for
provocative behaviour. A guy was about to fuck me behind a hedge when we got caught in the act by his /friend/girl-friend/">girl friend! Worse still he never had time to get up me and here I was ragingly gay and feeling hot as hell.

As I walked across the cool breeze on my thighs and the top of my ass
emphasised my nakedness. I felt myself getting an /erection/">erection , my prick the wwwxxx was quite small but it was easy to see through my pants.

At the far end of the site there were quite a number (about 20) guys
running around on a grassy area passing a rugby ball to one another and shouting. As I passed they stopped what they were doing and gave me loud wolf whistles and shouted things like, "Hey Hot Pants show us your ass!"

They got the /surprise/">surprise of their lives when I turned my back and quickly
pulled my pants down so they could get a better look. I even bent down a bit so they got a glimpse of my anus then pulled my pants up and ran off towards the beach.

Need I say it! this whole rugby team were after me in hot pursuit. Did I say 5 minutes? This was more like one minute before I ran splashing into the water seeing them in the corner of my eye stopping momentarily on the beach.

Were they turning back? No! they were taking off their shorts and jock
straps. In seconds as I began to swim in the deeper water I could see all these big hulking guys splashing through the shallows with their /big/big-cocks/">big cocks swaying around already half erect. They caught me in next to no time.

"Hey Sexy Pants you asked for it!" said one /guy/big-guy/">big guy with his hair already wet and dripping clinging to his head and dripping down over his lovely brown hairy chest and bulging muscles.

Another guy had dived under water and I felt a hand on the elastic of my pants. At the same time two hairy arms had grabbed me round the waist from behind. As I was being lifted up out of the water and I could feel the elastic of my pants against my legs as they were pulled down and removed from around my ankles. I was utterly naked with 20 hugely muscular young guys around me. They were dancing up and down in the water singing dirty songs. They all had massively firm erections which I kept seeing as they leapt up and down.

The guy behind me held me up high so everyone could get a good look at me.

"A stiff cock and an all-over tan! Can we take that as a 'Yes' then?" said one.

The guy who had lifted me up was now lowering me onto his cock under the water. I could feel the force of his powerful knob as he thrust it between my buttocks.

"Yes Please!!" I said out loud as he pushed against my anus. I didn't want any interruptions this time. He was quite big and it was hard for him to get his cock into me as the sea water provided no lubrication. In the end my anus yielded to his brute strength. His penis was as firm as steel as I felt it suddenly burst into my bottom. The feeling was so wonderful I just wanted to submit everything to his strong body. In seconds I could feel him pumping his /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum right up my rectum. Everyone cheered as he gasped in frantic orgasm. I could feel the lovely spasms as his cock jerked off inside my ass.

It was only just in time though because some couples were noticed strolling towards us on the beach.

The guys all rushed out of the water to collect their shorts. I thought they were going to leave me there naked because my briefs had been washed away in the surf. But no! they came back in the water in their shorts and beckoned me to come out. We ran back to the campsite. No one else could see I was naked as they were all round me. We went into one of the wash houses where there were large communal showers. I went straight under a shower and started soaping myself while they watched. There were a couple of old men shaving and they hastened their departure by singing rowdy songs and monopolising the wash basins.

I was teasing them by soaping my /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole and fingering it in front of
them. The dirty look I got from the old men made me think I might get slung out of the camp site but all that was forgotten as the nude rugby players crowded round my soapy body in the shower. This time my ass was easy to penetrate. Just as well because the first guy to ram me from behind had a /dick/huge-dick/">huge dick and I felt my anus being stretched to the maximum. This time it was not one but about ten of them did me in quick succession in that shower. I was bending down as in turn they shafted me very vigorously from behind. Each guy was trying to out-do the last. The others, squatting down to get a close view of the action, were chanting in time with each stroke.

As soon as they saw a guy starting to cum they and all shouted "Aaaahhhh!!" together. The noise was enough to disturb the whole campsite.

For me it was the most exciting and intensely satisfying experience I have ever had. With each guy first the thrill as I felt his dick pushing into my anus, then the excitement of having my ass pumped violently by a wwwxxx hugely strong and virile man then that wild sensation of being inseminated with hot cum up my bum. When each guy had pumped all he'd got into me he would withdraw quickly and the next vibrant cock would be powered up my rectum.

Someone sucked my cock off as I was being fucked and all I can remember was being in state of continuous /ecstasy/">ecstasy. Somehow I seemed to get several orgasms because they were so big inside me that my prostate couldn't pump my cum out beause their cocks constricted my /semen/">semen tube. I had taken about half of them when the camp warden came in and told us if we didn't shut up and allow others in we would be sent off the site.

I remember thinking we had got off lightly considering not only the noise but the content of what the guys were shouting! They all put their shorts back on but I was still without any clothing. I took a hand towel belonging to one of the guys and tried to wrap it round my waist but it didn't quite reach so I had to hold it together as we crossed the campsite. I was walking with the others in the group but I was not being ushered by them. It had not occurred to me to go anywhere else but with them.

I had dried myself quickly but as I walked along I was beginning to feel very damp and sticky between my buttocks and at the top of my thighs. Some of their semen must have been oozing out of my ass and I could feel my slippery thighs against each other as I walked. Other campers were staring and giving me dirty looks. Somehow I felt proud of myself that I was so full of cum. I could actually feel it inside my ass..

They had seven tents between 20 of them with inflatable mattresses inside.

I was invited into the nearest tent as soon as we got there so I took off the towel and lay in the nude on one of the mattresses.

One of the guys asked me quite politely if I would mind if the rest of them fucked me. I nodded and soon the tent was full of huge hairy naked bodies all round me. Some of the guys who had done me earlier were erect again. I was looking up at a forest of thick thighs leading up to the most impressive set of genitals anyone could hope to see. They all had really full scrota in which I could see their big heavy testicles hanging down.

Above that was this superb array of thick pink and utterly vertical

I turned over on my back and two guys came on either side and held my legs up and apart. Someone found a pillow to put under my bum to raise it up slightly so I was in a better position for deep penetration.

This time I could see each guys face and beautiful brown body coming down on me and I could see as well as feel his cock as he dived into my bottom.

The thrill of being shafted was even greater this time as their cocks were massaging my prostate from inside my ass. I was groaning with delight as each sweaty body came over me and pumped more and warm semen into my ass. I could hear a hear a sexy slurping sound as they dicked me. This went on for well over an hour as many of the rugby players found energy to do me several times. Eventually about 1 pm one of them came in with some beer cans and we sat together and chatted into the small hours. I was fucked intermittently by some of the guys during this time. They were very interested in me and there was a lot of discussion about my sexuality. They all wanted me to describe why I liked being fucked up my ass so much. It was really nice because we were all naked and everyone felt completely

I spent the night in their tent and got fucked quite a bit more before the morning. Needless to say I didn't get much sleep.

The following day they all had to leave. They had an appointment to play in a friendly match some distance away. We all swapped addresses and they all had mine. I wondered what might happen if they all turned up at my parents house! 

Some short time after this when I was back home I got this letter. It was from another rugby club and I was invited to an interview. The post was stated as 'Technical Assistant for Middle East Tour'.

That's another story!