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Elsie pointer removed her knickers and felt her /cunt/large-cunt/">large cunt with her two fingers. She was aroused and wet and ready for sex. The coast was clear now her hubby had gone to work, she put the room key in her pocket and climbed the stairs to her student lodgers room. She opened the door and climed onto his bed positioning her enormous buttocks over his face.

This sudden intrusion woke Brian up and he opened his eyes to see Elsie's big /hot/wet-hot/">wet hot /cunt/hairy-cunt/">hairy cunt poised above his face.

"Wake up you lazy cunt licker its breakfast time,"yelled Elsie and she sat on his face with a raucous laugh.

The shear weight of Elsie pinned him down and he could not speak only frantically lick that sopping /hairy/wet-hairy/wet-hairy-cunt/">wet hairy cunt which she jerked roughly old waman xxxgx over his face.
Elsie could feel him stuggling so she bokep sma pecah perawan eased her huge buttocks up giving him a few seconds to breathe then down again she pounded her tingling flabby cunt covering his face with her sticky excretions.

"Get on with it you pervert lick that cunt I want to cum over your face," she screamed at him this time jumping on his head forcing him deep into the pillow, pounding him with her arse and hips as if he were a puppet.

Brian new he must satisfy the landlady he had no choice these days things had gone too far she ruled him as soon as her husband left the house.What started as a sexual adventure had become a nightmare, Elsie demanded his attention and abused him if she did not get it when she demanded it. To add to this her demands became more and more bazarre she seemed to enjoy putting him through very unpleasent sensations and lately began to mock him.

Every morning now as soon as her husband had left she was up into his room getting astride his face grinding her flabby /cunt/wet-cunt/">wet cunt into his face making him service her for about thirty minutes until she came. She covered him in her sweaty juices every time and often pulled him out on to the floor as she put her /feet/">feet on his face while laughing at him all the time.

Brian knew he was powerless unless he could move and the more he submitted the more she abused him often threatening him with a bamboo cane and forcing him to work for her in the house.